Believe Me

I was created equal and independent.


Non transferable.

Cannot be denied.

Preservation of life.

My life.



No regulations on men’s bodies. No laws.  None.

Kamala asked and he told.


I know it. He told it.

It takes a village.

Our choice.

Our voice.


Don’t tell us when.

The time is now.

Times up.

Read our lips.


We are independent.

My body my choice.

Of the people.

By the people.

For the people?


Bush bought stock in Nestle when he left office.

Water bottles sit on a runway.

Flint still doesn’t have clean water.


We are many, they are few.


Right to life is your get out of hell free card.

Silly girl, heavens for straight rich white men not little girls.


Speak up.

No one listened. No one cared.

Tear shed and you moved on.






Munchausen by Trump.


Stockholm Pence.


Sadist, masochists and pimps.


My name is Candi.

My word.

We are coming.


I heard His word.

Sleeping beauty woke,


I will sit in your streets.

I will.


You will hear me breathe.

Believe me.


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