In Your Eye.

Lit this bitch.

Faced it.


I will not fear.

Fear is the mind killer.

Fear is the little death that brings total obliteration.

I will face my fear.

It will pass over me and through me.

Where it has gone there will be ….

~Frank Herbert “Dune”~



I kissed her.

Forgave her.


I can.

I have.

I do.


Pushed four humans out of my body.

Shot a cow elk and fed my family.

I Survived.


I march.

I smoke a little weed.


I cook like a black southern woman.

And bake like my grandma.

With love and butter.


Yes, I told Nana I’ve got porn star nipples.

I still do.

I love MY fucks.

Cus I can and I do.


I can change the oil in a car.

Buck a bale.

Bait a pole.

And yes, I’ll bait your pole too.


I’ve called men pussies.

Women cunts.


And I vote.


I know right from wrong.

I don’t believe in Jesus.


Where will I go when I die?

I’ll be the apple of your eye.


Pussy foot.

Beat around the bush.


Ron Jeremy.

Porn Star extrodinaire.

Joe Arpaio.

Criminal sheriff, GOP Senate Candidate.

Dennis Hof.

A dead GOP candidate. Pimp.


Don’t stop me.

Fuck me harder.

I’m built for this shit.


Party before country.

Money over humanity.



Beat them at it’s own game.

Love a man who can grab his ankles.


They want their asses wiped.

Wipe it with my ballot.

Use a hillbilly backlash?

Make a pussy snapback!


You don’t like the way I say pussy?






Get the fuck over it snowflake.

Inverted penis.

Suck deez nuts.




North Dakota


Right to life, liberty and a ballot.

Taxation without representation.


Go on now,  steam that pussy.


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