Lickety slit, Betty Fucking Crocker.

Perpetual motion.


God in your heart, home and pussy.

Can’t say vagina.

Yet, you wear my uterus for your Sunday best.


It’s ok, whites don’t kill whites.

And americans don’t kill babies.


Slippery dick.

You can’t finger this.


Toe tappin, fucker.

Police a bathroom stall.


Arm our teachers with guns.

Make us comfortable with school to prison pipeline.


You’re free to worship without fear evangelicals.

You got your jesus in white hair.


Sadist, look at you smile.


Gave 2 away at birth.

1 abortion.

2 I kept as my own.


My choice.


I am capable.

Don’t tell me I can’t.

I knew when to cradle life in these hips.

When to cradle in my arms.



Because your pussy depends on it.

For our daughters.


My granddaughters.


Daughter of

Haley Michelle




Daughter of

Hannah Nicole


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