a Cat

Love is more than

They couldn’t feel it.

A love like Jesus.

I remember, I had a crush on Jesus.

I looked for Him.

I communed with Him.

Sat at my window and talked with Him.


Jesus loved the little children.

Plugging gaps, desperately seeking.

Fill the holes where my breath escapes.

I need and want. Is it a need? Why do I need it?

I can still breathe without it. Love it because? 

Desire. Addiction. Cravings.  


I want to touch it.




It’s there. If I could rip the flesh from my ribs you would see it. Lungs expand a heart beat. 

I need you to see it with me.

Pork belly cooked to a crisp golden brown.

My favorite cut of meat.

Cowardly lion.

Scaredy cat.

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