Body dysmorphia.

Feeling removed.

Want to be removed.


Not her.

To look down and see nothing.

Be nothing.

Not here.

I want to cut off my breasts.

A non-person.

A wall with a hole.

You, a pharmacologist

Procuring chemicals to enhance your perfect partner.

Ignoring the words coming from my mouth.

I’m boiling inside

Reducing me to steam.

Someone’s about to get burnt.


You don’t listen.

Won’t listen.

I’m not a woman.

You’ve pushed that away.

I don’t know who the fuck I am.

I found my waist and hip bones in hopes you would too.

Strengthened and straightened my back.

Ankles and calves.

Thighs strong and smooth.

Those legs though

And don’t forget that ass.


If I ever leave you’ll kill me.

But I’m dead already.

Not on the same page

Let alone book

Pacing barefoot on an earthen path

Waiting for you to put your weight down.

You’ll never find the time

.5mg Ostracine

0.5mg Anastrozole

.4g Treasure Coast

Call you in the morning.

Sat in a corner and licked that mad spot

Licked it raw. 

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