The Rule of Three

To whip or be whipped that is the question.

An eye for an eye made our world blind


Using tried and true assistive devices

Walked a crooked mile with a crooked smile




Got off spinning too fast on a merry go round 

The choke of it all

Fated till the end?

An accounting



Here’s your charm Cindy

Candace Michelle


Shelly Johanna


Rachel Anne


Daughters of Lucinda Jeanine

03/10/1949  –  10/08/1949

I’m With Crazy

I was 10 years old when I tested an electric fence. I was today years old when I realized it wasn’t because I leaned my fishing pole against it.

What will I leave them?

my very last breath

10 toes down

Gripping my mother

More and then some

Self preservation can be a fucked up thing sometimes

13 years of muscle memory

A constricted love story

18 years apart left a mark

I’m walking away  

Exposing all of me

Restoring a faith lost

Nourishing a wounded soul

Safety first

Keep your hands in at all times

If at any time the masks drop down

Put your mask on first before helping someone else

Now enjoy the ride

Music is life

Set off that grenade 

Shake loose of those crawlspaces

Step into the sun

Love IS what WE need.

Turn, Turn, Turn


Separation of church and state

Unscalable fences

More than one way to skin a cat

Two birds with one stone

In it to win it,nothing less will do

Be like water

Guerrilla warfare 

Monkey wrench


General strike world wide

Nothing less will do


Federalist gave us a feral list

Longest game ever played

Turning back the clocks of time

Times Up

Red & Blue

Just like you

a Soul

The strength it takes to walk a tightrope

Core strength 

Fighting for a soul

Soul of a nation

A nation of wounded souls

Souls united

Gather what’s left of our souls 

Destroying a heartland

Hunters and gatherers 

Heartbeat of a nation

Our leaders have failed the heart of our nations

They have to be accountable

Our last beacon 

Even at our ugliest 


Feed it

With a grain of rice

Raise our blood sugar

An injection 

Revive the soul

Cracks where the light gets in

Student loans



Economic Justice

Social Justice





Took my blinders off

Red and Blue

Just like you


Attraction is the distraction

Seeds planted in fertile ground

Pointing fingers there’s always 3 pointing back at you

The world is in trouble

They’re going to burn it to the ground

How many of us have to die before you realize

Don’t be the last to know

We are many, they are few. 

Now or never. 

Mothers calling.

Minced Meat (2021)

“Mother is the name for God in the lips and hearts of little children.”

William Makepeace Thackeray

Passively pliable.

False prophets singing from rooftops.

Take them at their *word.

Words without action.

Words eviscerate a soul.

Words can’t move mountains.

Fragile hearts and minds.

Wiser words have never been spoken.


She wrote.

Everything but the full kitchen sink.

Tossed the baby out with the bath water.

An American Minced Meat pie.