War criminals and children

Children and war criminals

Harm reduction

Let there be light

Let loose the ties that bind

Do no harm

If only you would see

See no evil.

There’s magic in their eyes.

Open your eyes.



Love kindness empathy

Be human in inhuman times


Window to a soul.

A Country’s Daughter

“Look at how a single candle can both defy and define the darkness”

Anne Frank

Uvalde 21

Palestine 43

In memory of Nancy

Ho Ho Ho Whore

A good mommy.

I studied every inch of my babies.

Every freckle.

Roll of skin.

What tickled their hearts.

Their scariest monsters.

Can hear their cries even in a crowded room.

I’ve had to look my child in the eye and tell them top ramen is all we have for dinner.

I’ve sent my children to other peoples’ homes just so they could eat.

The shame of asking for extra blankets because the heat was shut off.

Collecting fallen tree branches to build a fire in a fireplace with a broken chimney.

$1200 for 9 months.

I’m delivering Christmas dinner food boxes saturday.


American Leadership steals christmas.

Tell your children.

Look them in the eye.

Gawd Bless Merica.

Nancy has two fridges.

Santa can’t come this year.

Cus Mitch gets off on a death knell.

Trumps irrelevant.