The Rule of Three

To whip or be whipped that is the question.

An eye for an eye made our world blind


Using tried and true assistive devices

Walked a crooked mile with a crooked smile




Got off spinning too fast on a merry go round 

The choke of it all

Fated till the end?

An accounting



Here’s your charm Cindy

Candace Michelle


Shelly Johanna


Rachel Anne


Daughters of Lucinda Jeanine

03/10/1949  –  10/08/1949

a Soul

The strength it takes to walk a tightrope

Core strength 

Fighting for a soul

Soul of a nation

A nation of wounded souls

Souls united

Gather what’s left of our souls 

Destroying a heartland

Hunters and gatherers 

Heartbeat of a nation

Our leaders have failed the heart of our nations

They have to be accountable

Our last beacon 

Even at our ugliest 


Feed it

With a grain of rice

Raise our blood sugar

An injection 

Revive the soul

Cracks where the light gets in

Student loans



Economic Justice

Social Justice





Took my blinders off

Red and Blue

Just like you


If I write it, will she come?

Being the only one who can fix it.

Make it better, an unspoken magical healer of all things.

Kiss it and make it better. 

All my sorrow and pain pushed down.

Stamped down, on hold.

Choking back the tears, put a brave face on

Their cries have to be quieted first and foremost.

Frustrated and unheard

Desperately pleading.

A woman’s work is never done. Mama knows best?

Everything is not alright. 

October 8

My mother is dead.

My mouth contorts uncomfortably saying that

Doesn’t roll off the tongue like I thought it would.

The words won’t fit in my mouth.

Stuck between my molars. 

Pushing against my tongue.

Choking on it.


Passed away.

Transitioned from this planet.

Moved on.

Cindy left us at 2:40 am October 8th, 2021

My mom died today.


My words fill every corner, crevice and curve of my body.

I hurl them onto this keyboard hoping they’ll stick.

I don’t know whose eyes other than my own they seek.

Whose heart they’re meant to make ache.

I don’t want those tears.


Promise me, when I die, you’ll crumple all of my words and put them gently back into my mouth.

Don’t Fund Me

Trying to solve a Caesar cipher, while Rome burns?

Redistribution gone viral.



Absolutely nothing changes. Incremental change? Our world gets turned upside down and we are left to deal with it. Pick up the pieces? You’ve left us no peace to pick up.

Your blows are cushioned. You watch it from your high rise and play it out on tv as if this is what reality looks like. Slapping, kicking, tossing drinks on each other…. see, just like you. The only difference, we’re dying out here.

Open up a winery, donate the first glass thrown to …. No child goes hungry tonight? Mommy needs PPE so she can work to feed me? Why don’t you start a fundraiser for Medicare for all? I’m sure if we added up all the different celebrity fundraisers we could cover the cost of Medicare for all. Call it a fundraiser instead of taxes, easier to swallow.

Fundraising for masks. Fundraisers for chemo. Fundraising for ventilators. Fundraising for healthcare. Could you put your name on that? Just make sure the pirate in charge doesn’t steal it, add sales tax and relabel it MAGA healthcare to sell it back to you. .  



Blind as a mother fucking bat. I can see in the dark, you built me for this shit. Wash that down with a big glass of bleach.


Don’t worry Nancy, I got this.


I shit myself when I gave birth to my heart.

They didn’t prep me for that.


Hurry, fetch that flag and wrap your hairdresser in it.

Violence begets vioLence.

I can suck the marrow from y’all, if you let me.


You’ll be back after these messages.

Just give us that extra bandwidth, no strings attached?


The revolution.

An unrequited love.