That Smell

Black mold and condensation on the windowsill.

Urine, dried cum and sweat the morning after.

Stale back washed beer in the bottom of a warm can sitting on top of a wall heater.

Crisp stench of sticky coagulated blood on the bottom shelf of the fridge.

Wet tamarack drying on an old broken down cardboard box next to the raging fire in the wood stove.

Bottom of an ashtray coated in thick cemented ash.

Sour of dirty clothes in the bottom of an overflowing torn plastic bag.

Smell of  FREEdUMb.


Torn up roads.

Set a mountain on fire

Poisoned fields and waters.

Now I lay me down to sleep

I pray because

my soul weeps.

Mislead America’s *heart land.

My heart. My heart.

Sits on the side of a road

Sign in hand.

Our better angels 



Patri-Rot homegrown.

You gave them something to entertain them.

Distracted us all

From the destruction

Of our own.