Pride of America

Good night white pride.


How do you wash the filth off?



It’s time to wake up America.

Gassing starts at midnight.


“Organ grinders music in the yard.

Lucky fortune wrapped in rosy paper.

Knock knock, who’s there, it’s Adolf’s heartchen knocking.”

                                                      –  Wisława Szymborska


I hear the grinding of organs.

Carbon monoxide poisoning turns the skin red.

White supremacy, nazis, haven’t a heart. 



History repeats itself.


Divide and conquer.


Protestors vs Rioters.

Black women vs. White women.

Peaceful vs. Violent


Who’s my ally?


The perfect soundbite.

A succinct meme.

Flesh and blood.

Lungs gasping, tears falling.


An avatar.


A hoarder delights.


He threw me down in the car and choked me in front of my kids.

He raped me as my 7 year old son listened from the next room.


You punished me for failure to protect.

The court questioned my ability to house, feed and provide healthcare.


Look at you now, American pride.

Patriarchy gone wild.


Don’t Fund Me

Trying to solve a Caesar cipher, while Rome burns?

Redistribution gone viral.



Absolutely nothing changes. Incremental change? Our world gets turned upside down and we are left to deal with it. Pick up the pieces? You’ve left us no peace to pick up.

Your blows are cushioned. You watch it from your high rise and play it out on tv as if this is what reality looks like. Slapping, kicking, tossing drinks on each other…. see, just like you. The only difference, we’re dying out here.

Open up a winery, donate the first glass thrown to …. No child goes hungry tonight? Mommy needs PPE so she can work to feed me? Why don’t you start a fundraiser for Medicare for all? I’m sure if we added up all the different celebrity fundraisers we could cover the cost of Medicare for all. Call it a fundraiser instead of taxes, easier to swallow.

Fundraising for masks. Fundraisers for chemo. Fundraising for ventilators. Fundraising for healthcare. Could you put your name on that? Just make sure the pirate in charge doesn’t steal it, add sales tax and relabel it MAGA healthcare to sell it back to you. .  



Blind as a mother fucking bat. I can see in the dark, you built me for this shit. Wash that down with a big glass of bleach.


Don’t worry Nancy, I got this.


I shit myself when I gave birth to my heart.

They didn’t prep me for that.


Hurry, fetch that flag and wrap your hairdresser in it.

Violence begets vioLence.

I can suck the marrow from y’all, if you let me.


You’ll be back after these messages.

Just give us that extra bandwidth, no strings attached?


The revolution.

An unrequited love. 


A Hoarders Gift



10 years.

A hoarders gift.


World wide.


White privilege is asking permission of the patriarchy for a Women’s march and getting it.

Bootlicking whores.


Wanna ride this ass, learn how to spank it.


Let them spank it for a blue check.

Whose streets?



Amazon women?


Amazon forest.



Amazon streets.

White privilege.

I’m gonna let it shine.


White Patriarchy Gone Wild.

Flint still doesn’t have clean water.

Pass that kid some soap.


my ASS

Human rights for whom? Check your local listings, it aint us.

Discomfort in this skin. Why not?


Eat the rainbow.

Happily Ever After my ASS.


Big beautiful house. Check.

A real job. Check.

A real family. Check

A really real Dad. Triple check.

Normal. Check?


Who defined normal? My normal? 

Nor Mal.





Your God.

Gawd damn.

That Girl

Eat. My. Ass. Flick it with your tongue.

Now swallow this shit.




O heavenly father.


I’ve seen a man walk with Jesus.

It broke his back.

O papa.


Fuck Blue no matter who. And fuck you too.


World Wide. 

Open your eyes.


Have they made you mad enough to hurt my child? 

You are, they hurt her child and you turned a blind eye.







I’m tired. Screaming into the ether. No one cares. She doesn’t, do you?

I do.


Words. Softly spoken. Appropriate. Lady like. 

Demure. Eyes cast downward.

You miss the ball.


Hymen. Flesh easily torn.

Man. Flesh easily worn.


Death is the ultimate escape.

Pound of flesh.

An eye for a hymen?


Be a good woman.


A heart of kinetic sand.

Fuck me.


Fuck you.




Satan dances on these lips.

Want a taste?








Reverence for these lips.

Which lips?


Seen but not heard.

Blind eye.

Blind as a bat.

Will only see in the dark.


Shine a light?

Sorry I forgot the disconnect notice.


Tired, from the trailer hitched to my heel.

Can’t wash that smell off.

Helluva stain. 


Wearing my best grease stained white.


Divided we fall.

Asses Follow

We can’t be free till WE are all free.


Feel me breathe.


They like it.

Tell it like it is.

They voted for it.



Magically delicious.

Plum to my peach.


Deep throat that dog whistle.

Electoral college.


Mothers wailing at the foot of a tree in 2018.

Say his name.

Danye Jones.



Super white.

Super fly.



Gonna work with it.

And marching for Mueller.


Brown babies in cages.

Black babies being murdered.


Willful ignorance.


When does it matter?


Our streets.