Corrective Lense

I look in the mirror and see an ordinary reflection, reminded of its repulsiveness with it’s lack of a lover’s touch.My words, unread, unheard and unwanted. A desire that is real and stuck deep in my craw. Reminded of those wise words spoken long ago, some things are better left unsaid.

Crazy knows my name, I wish it wouldn’t say it.

Wish in one hand and shit in the other,

Cornucopia of Candy

my ASS

Human rights for whom? Check your local listings, it aint us.

Discomfort in this skin. Why not?


Eat the rainbow.

Happily Ever After my ASS.


Big beautiful house. Check.

A real job. Check.

A real family. Check

A really real Dad. Triple check.

Normal. Check?


Who defined normal? My normal? 

Nor Mal.





Your God.

Gawd damn.

That Girl

Eat. My. Ass. Flick it with your tongue.

Now swallow this shit.




O heavenly father.


I’ve seen a man walk with Jesus.

It broke his back.

O papa.


Fuck Blue no matter who. And fuck you too.


World Wide. 

Open your eyes.


Have they made you mad enough to hurt my child? 

You are, they hurt her child and you turned a blind eye.







I’m tired. Screaming into the ether. No one cares. She doesn’t, do you?

I do.


Words. Softly spoken. Appropriate. Lady like. 

Demure. Eyes cast downward.

You miss the ball.


Hymen. Flesh easily torn.

Man. Flesh easily worn.


Death is the ultimate escape.

Pound of flesh.

An eye for a hymen?


Be a good woman.


A heart of kinetic sand.

Fuck me.


Fuck you.




Satan dances on these lips.

Want a taste?








Reverence for these lips.

Which lips?


Seen but not heard.

Blind eye.

Blind as a bat.

Will only see in the dark.


Shine a light?

Sorry I forgot the disconnect notice.


Tired, from the trailer hitched to my heel.

Can’t wash that smell off.

Helluva stain. 


Wearing my best grease stained white.


Divided we fall.