Blowing Bubbles


Blue Eyes

Green Eyes

Brown Eyes


Crazy town

Crazy as a loon

Looney tune

Cartwheels around a universe

Hyper vigilant 

Ten steps ahead

Looking for the swing

See it in the eyes, neck and shoulder

Poker face 

I do not







A war criminals daughter 

And a shoe whore walk into a bar

What do you get?

Manufactured consent

I’m With Crazy

I was 10 years old when I tested an electric fence. I was today years old when I realized it wasn’t because I leaned my fishing pole against it.

What will I leave them?

my very last breath

10 toes down

Gripping my mother

More and then some

Self preservation can be a fucked up thing sometimes

13 years of muscle memory

A constricted love story

18 years apart left a mark

I’m walking away  

Exposing all of me

Restoring a faith lost

Nourishing a wounded soul

Safety first

Keep your hands in at all times

If at any time the masks drop down

Put your mask on first before helping someone else

Now enjoy the ride

Music is life

Set off that grenade 

Shake loose of those crawlspaces

Step into the sun

Love IS what WE need.

a Soul

The strength it takes to walk a tightrope

Core strength 

Fighting for a soul

Soul of a nation

A nation of wounded souls

Souls united

Gather what’s left of our souls 

Destroying a heartland

Hunters and gatherers 

Heartbeat of a nation

Our leaders have failed the heart of our nations

They have to be accountable

Our last beacon 

Even at our ugliest 


Feed it

With a grain of rice

Raise our blood sugar

An injection 

Revive the soul

Cracks where the light gets in

Student loans



Economic Justice

Social Justice





Took my blinders off

Red and Blue

Just like you

There’s No Heaven

A homeless man sweeping the sidewalk in front of his tent.

He has a welcome mat at the door of his tent.

He lives across the street from million dollar condos.

Pull yourself up by your bootstraps even if you don’t have boots.


Sleigh bells ring, are YOU listening?

Defund the police hurts their feelings.

Life, liberty and to pursue their happiness.

JustAss* only for a few.

And India rages against a machine.

While Paris lights my fire.

Tik Tok motherfuckers.

That Girl

Eat. My. Ass. Flick it with your tongue.

Now swallow this shit.




O heavenly father.


I’ve seen a man walk with Jesus.

It broke his back.

O papa.


Fuck Blue no matter who. And fuck you too.


World Wide. 

Open your eyes.


Have they made you mad enough to hurt my child? 

You are, they hurt her child and you turned a blind eye.







I’m tired. Screaming into the ether. No one cares. She doesn’t, do you?

I do.


Words. Softly spoken. Appropriate. Lady like. 

Demure. Eyes cast downward.

You miss the ball.


Hymen. Flesh easily torn.

Man. Flesh easily worn.


Death is the ultimate escape.

Pound of flesh.

An eye for a hymen?


Be a good woman.


A heart of kinetic sand.

Fuck me.


Fuck you.




Satan dances on these lips.

Want a taste?








Reverence for these lips.

Which lips?


Seen but not heard.

Blind eye.

Blind as a bat.

Will only see in the dark.


Shine a light?

Sorry I forgot the disconnect notice.


Tired, from the trailer hitched to my heel.

Can’t wash that smell off.

Helluva stain. 


Wearing my best grease stained white.


Divided we fall.

Asses Follow

We can’t be free till WE are all free.


Feel me breathe.


They like it.

Tell it like it is.

They voted for it.



Magically delicious.

Plum to my peach.


Deep throat that dog whistle.

Electoral college.


Mothers wailing at the foot of a tree in 2018.

Say his name.

Danye Jones.



Super white.

Super fly.



Gonna work with it.

And marching for Mueller.


Brown babies in cages.

Black babies being murdered.


Willful ignorance.


When does it matter?


Our streets.


Fuck the Pain Away

Know how it feels. Feel how it’s wanted.

Tag your it.

Have me. Half me. Not me.


Two laws. Justice too.

We have a right to an attorney. Not in your county.

Too laws. Justice two.


Where’s the attorney? In the bar.

Me. Unfit. Unable.


Blue and Red.

Red and Blue.

Just like you.


A pussy. Mother. Sister. Granddaughter. That girl.


I’m just like you.


How Great Thou Are*?


Hows that pussy working for ya? 😉


I do.

I demand.


I was created equal and independent.


Non transferable.

Cannot be denied.

Preservation of life.

My life.



P is for Pink. Pink pussy hat wearing, commie ass bitch.


Kiss my lips, bitch.

Pissed cus the pussy got paid.

Pissed this pussy wants a say.


Mothers, sisters, daughters.


People have only as much liberty as they have the intelligence to want and the courage to take.

-Emma Goldman


This shit is fucking rigged. You say it, but you don’t fucking live it. We are your poster children for donations. Seen but not heard. Biggest fucking smash and grab this world will ever see.


Abject poverty, lack of education, lack of healthcare, mental health care non fucking existent!!!!!

We get Donald.

We get Kavanaugh.


Judge. Supreme Court. Lifetime.


Our courts. States take children. Courts. Lawyers Judges. Court appointed representation. Ever had one of those? I have. My kids too.You know, the one the state found fit for my kids. The one fit to best represent and protect. The one who couldn’t be bothered to even show up to court. The one the court clerk called. The one sitting at the local dive bar the  Longbranch getting her 5th stiff one. You spoke with her on speaker phone, remember your honor?

Splinter the spirit.


Bend me over that rail one more time.

Don’t forget, you built me for this shit.


Court of Justice my ass. Leech. Parasite. Predatory.  Keeping us poor. Keeping us locked up. You say justice. I call bullshit.

 Boil on the ass of humanity, indeed.


Debtor Jail. Pay for your stay. Pay for supervision. Pay for meals. Pay to test your piss. Pay to make your call. Pay to leave, pay to stay. It’s all the same.


Seen but not heard.

You created this.

Supply and demand.

Demand a supply.

Supply my demand.


I’ve got an inverted penis.

Suck deez nuts.


Recidivism, the act of a person repeating an undesirable behavior.

You like that.

Make a killing.


Fuck the pain away.


Got them prisoners fighting wildfires! Underpaid workforce. Can’t strike. Don’t let them get uppity. You’ll work a prisoner but won’t hire a felon. Pay to leave, pay to stay. It’s all the same.


Wake up.


Vote with your dollar. A food stamp does not a dollar make. Save a whale if it gets me a can of tuna. Organic tree was used to make this box. Recycled the USDA tin can my pork pieces came in.  Milk from powder and your poisoned water, mix and serve.


Our voice our vote. Use it or lose it. Polls. Lines. 8 hour shift @ $10 an hour or vote.  A fucking stamp? Can’t afford the paper to wipe our ass and you want a stamp. Check out a Kardashian ass instead.


And all he had was skittles in his pocket.